Machines and sheet steel machines – disposal, exchange, purchase

Machines and sheet steel machines – disposal, exchange, purchase
Welcome to Pel-Gór service presenting our current offer of machines and steel working equipment.
This offer has a character of a partial presentation, where we present basic data.
In our offer You’ll find machines like:

I. Lathes
- universal lathe
- vertical lathe
- CNC lathe
- NC lathe
- Facing machine
- Turret lathe
- Automatic lathe
- Boring machines

II. Schearing machines and Guillotines
- Mechanic guillotine shears
- Hydraulic guillotine shears

III. Presses
- Excentric press
- Brake press
- Hydraulic press
- CNC press
- NC press
- Crank press

IV. Bending machines
- Mechanic Bendig machine
- Hydraulic Bendig machine

V. Miling machines
- Universal miling machine
- Vertical miling machine
- Horizontal miling machine
- CNC miling machine
- NC miling machine
- Drill-miller

VI. Drills
- radial drill
- column drill
- Frame driller
- table driller

VII. Grinding machines
- universal grinding machine
- grinding machine for grinding of rolls

VIII. Planing machines
- universal planing machine
- Portal planing machine

IX. Screw rolling machines

X. Bending machines and bending roll machines

XI. Saws

XII. Welding machines

XIII. Others

XIV. Towing hook

If you are interested in some of our machines please send us a question.

Our company offers complex and professional attendance in range of:
- disposal of used metal working machinery
- purchase of metal working machinery
- exchange of metal working machinery
- repair of metal working machinery
- fundamental repair of metalworking machinery
- current review of machine technical state
- Production of towing hooks
- Installation of towing hooks

Jacek Wąsik
0 662 545 486 (price information)

Agnieszka Orel
0 608 294 069 (general informations)