About us

Pel-Gór company has begun its activity 1992 by taking up the production of towing hooks and ware trailers for passenger and delivery cars.
Developing our activity has been done the construction and machining elements for various recipients.
The company has been for few years the permanent deliverer and cooperation partner for carbon factory equipment.
The fundamental sphere of the activity at present is the disposal, purchase and exchange of used machinery, renovating modernization and offering them to the recipients together with their starting up, delivering of the equipment and instrumentation. The subject of the activity are mainly metal and woodworking machinery, machines for the metal plastic working, welding machines and metal welder appliances and equipment of the near transport.

The new actually undertaken activity of Pel- Gór company is recreation offer for the occupants of Zabrze and neighborhood. A panel of recreation is being created on interesting diversified landscape. The sport recreating panel will include the gastronomic building, stable for horses, possibility of fishing, exotic animals, concert shell. Foreseen is building of a hotel.